Done with ayame! Doing more shading and doing koichi

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However, to his horror, he can’t use them – Ayame has activated her NinTo-Do System and taken control of the weapons. She turns the funnels on tboth of them, destroying the Qubeley Mass Production Type and heavily damaging the RX-Zeromaru.

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Jrock Lovers United. 1.8K likes. This page is made for those of us who are obsessed with Jrock to run wild with our imaginations, and obsession ♥ 😀 Only

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Apr 10, 2014 · [140406] Shin Domoto Kyoudai (Guest: Goriki Ayame & Okamoto Rei) By marupakaparadies 2014/04/10 2014 Domoto Koichi Domoto Tsuyoshi Japanese TV Johnnys Entertainment KinKi Kids Finally back after two long long very very way too long weeks (at least for me).

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Read Ayame from the story Naruto and his Kunoichis by minhdzung with 7,299 reads.Naruto woke up to an enticing smell. He got up and headed to his kitchen to fi

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Ayame looked outside, ”Its getting late I hope the kids come back soon.” She looked a little worried especially with Naraku around. ”Don’t worry, Koichi and Sashiko know what they’re doing.”

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Hell yes, he was up in more than one way. Once done Ayame pushed the bowl away and turned in Naruto’s lap so she was facing him.

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Even more hilariously, her Zeromaru has a ”Why am I doing this?” look on its face and Ayame can’t even do a proper launch call because she’s dragged into this. Riku and Yukki are spinning themselves as fast as they can, and poor Koichi (with Ayame) is already dizzied out. To the side, you can see a poor Patrick sitting alone in a cup with a

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A Pure Shinobi Chapter 11: The Herbalist. FantasyWriter345. Chapter 11: The Herbalist ”I see. Well, which ones do you need?” Ayame asked. Ayame was amazed that Hana’s children were able to do such things. She was more amazed that Kagome Higurashi was here in front of her. The last she had heard of her was when she went …

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“Ayame, someone somewhere is always going to care. It doesn’t matter if you know they do or not, they always will, yeah. You have the Akatsuki, we care about you, you have Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto is known for hunting people down and randomly getting into fights, un, well now we know why.