Getting Java and Apex hash algorithms to match

Getting Java and Apex hash algorithms to match

Nov 11, 2009 · I am consuming a java web service in Apex that needs a security hash computed using MD5 or SHA1, and the digest produced by the Crypto class is not matching the output of the Java algorithm for either method.

Java and Hash algorithm to compare files – Stack Overflow

Java and Hash algorithm to compare files [closed] I have to fingerprint files to match doublets. What is recommended with Java in 2013? Should I also compare the file size, or is this a unnecessary check? The probability of false positive should be very close to 0. Note that MD5 cannot be considered to be a secure hash algorithm anymore

Usage exampleFiles.hash(file, Hashing.sha1()); // or md5(), or sha256(), orSee more on stackoverflowWas this helpful?Thanks! Give more feedback

Java Program to Implement Rabin Karp Pattern …

This is a Java Program to Implement Rabin Karp Pattern Matching Algorithm. The Rabin–Karp algorithm is a string searching algorithm that uses hashing to find any one of a set of pattern strings in a text.

Substring Search – Algorithms, 4th Edition by Robert

High-performance pattern matching in Java for general string searching, searching with wildcards, Design a brute-force substring search algorithm that scans the pattern from right to left. Hash each substring of length L, and check if any hash occurs K or more times. If so, check to make sure you didn’t get unlucky.

What algorithm does Java use to avoid HashMap collision

In Java HashMap there may be a hash-collision that is the calculated has for 2 keys may be the same. In that case the entry is stored as another node in a linked-list.

Using SHA1 and RSA with vs

Using SHA1 and RSA with vs. MessageDigest and Cipher. (PKCS1) is the one I describe above. It uses a hash function to create a digest, and then encrypts the result with a private key. Cardinality of the set of algorithms 3 = 6 ? Another non math question. Another Grandpa Mystery

Hash a string in Java emulating the php function hash…

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Rabin-Karp and Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithms

Rabin-Karp and Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithms. By TheLlama– TopCoder Member Discuss the article in the forums The fundamental string searching (matching) problem is defined as follows: given two strings – a text and a pattern, determine whether the pattern appears in the text.

How can I hash a password in Java? – Stack Overflow

I need to hash passwords for storage in a database. How can I do this in Java? I was hoping to take the plain text password, add a random salt, then store the salt and the hashed password in the . How can I hash a password in Java? Ask Question. up vote 147 down vote favorite. 84.

Apex Crypto Class –

Using the Apex Crypto Class What is the Apex Crypto Class? AES192 and AES256 algorithms. Currently only symmetric private key encryption using the AES algorithm is supported. In this scenario, the input message of any length is converted using a one-way cryptographic hash function into a compact unique ”digest” of fixed length. As the