JNCO Jeans Are Making A Comeback, So Here Are 6 Stylish Celebs Wearing Them Because This Is The Future

JNCO Jeans Are Making A Comeback, So Here Are 6 Stylish

Because it’s inevitable and you’re probably curious what some of today’s most stylish celebs would look like in JNCO jeans, I’ve gone ahead and put them in a pair for you. …

Insanely Huge JNCO Jeans Are Back | GQ

These jeans flare out at the bottom (which only in the rarest of cases, like a full Gucci look, can look cool), and the wash is a mom jean–ish nightmare. So it should go without saying, but please do not buy these.

Here’s What Happens When You Wear Giant JNCO Jeans …

Watch video · Prior to this week I had been so concerned with the embarrassment of wearing the jeans that I never thought about what I would wear with them. After staring at my closet for 20 minutes, I concluded that I lacked the required ”No Fear” T-shirt collection to successfully pull off the look.


Fashionistas are dressing like Danny Tanner and Jerry Seinfeld under the guise of #normcore, and skaters are rushing to follow. Dad-hats and relaxed-fit jeans abound. Somewhere, some kid is filming tricks for his new clip, “White Tube Socks and Old Birkenstocks.” It’s time to stop. We’ve taken this too far. JNCO is mounting a comeback.

JNCO Jeans Are Making A Comeback in 2015 – …

The brand will reportedly, thanks to the help of a Chinese investor, relaunch in the fall with a range of styles including slouchy ”knit jeans” and joggers, in addition to its signature jeans featuring leg openings ranging from 20-23 inches.

JNCO Jeans Are About To Make A Comeback (Seriously

Feb 19, 2015 · JNCO, the clothing brand best known for its many varieties of extremely baggy jeans that looked like giant wearable tree trunks made of denim, is prepping for a relaunch. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the Los Angeles-based brand whose pants were wildly popular in the ’90s announced its plans for a comeback this week at a …

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While it appears that we’ve thankfully been spared the “blue oxford with pleated Dockers” look, one 90s trend is poised to make a comeback in a big way: JNCO Jeans. From the recently resurrected company’s “about” page: “Presently, JNCO is guided by its main principle: ‘Challenge conventionalism. Explore the unfamiliar.

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Apparently JNCO Jeans Are Cool Again. JNCO jeans. Confused? So are we. If jeans this baggy can make a high-fashion comeback, it really must be true what they say: Fashion is a never-ending

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The jeans that ruled a small part of the population in the late 90s are making a comeback. Watch out, JNCO jeans are coming. ”JNCO Jeans Are Officially Making A Comeback” wear them because

The popular JNCO jeans from the 90s are making a comeback

The popular JNCO jeans from the 90s are making a comeback and teenagers are horrified The ultra-wide straight legged denim jeans from the nineties will return in 2015, but the new generation doesn