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Read Chapter 3 from the story Ben 10: Sex Tale, Sex Tale by Anubis3300 (Jinx) with 256 reads. boyxgirl, straight, fandom. Maxwell was trundling home, warm oak

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What is the best Ben 10 fanfic you’ve read? submitted 2 years ago by EMINEM_4Evah Gwen. For me On Breaking Point Chapter 1 and definitely approaching incest. permalink; embed; save; And since it’s a deconstruction of the typical ’male character is forced to change sex’ I can see a lot of people refusing to read it on principle. Which is

Top responsesRedditGonna be honest, I read anything that has lemon in it. And stories that involve relationships eg gwenvin and (Kai Ben). I cringe … read more3 votesI read a Gwevin fanfic once called ”Rescue Me” I don’t have the link onhand, but it was an excellent story2 votesBwen fan or not, I’d highly recommend this fanfic series to any Ben 10 fan. In my opinion, this is the sequel to the Original Series … read more2 votesI actually really enjoyed ’Τειρεσίας-Teiresias’ by Madmous at: The writing can be … read more1 voteSee all

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(The Marriage Law Rejection Letters can also be found over at under the author name Sakura Lisel.) Same-Sex Marriage; Summary. Charmcaster (Ben 10 Series) (29) Devlin Levin (26) Albedo (Ben 10 Series) (26)

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Read chapter 1 from the story handless (Ben 10 fanfic) by honestknife (Holly) with 4,263 reads.( as I said, I have watched and read as much as I could, but the

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