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Nov 25, 2008 · Setting the timer on explosives in Fallout 1 seems easy enough, getting rid of them afterwards is a different story. Anyone know how to do this? I have tried the obvious ways that usually work with weapons and items in general in …

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Plastic explosives are a trap in Fallout and Fallout 2. Plastic explosives are, pound for pound, more powerful than dynamite, causing 40-80 points of damage, and sports a wider blast radius. Correspondingly, plastic explosives are more expensive than dynamite.

damage type: Explosive

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Apr 07, 2012 · Heck, as I recollect, the Vault 15 water purification control computer isn’t even accessible short of more explosives than your character could hope to encounter in the entirety of the Wastes.

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Jun 06, 2018 · Fallout 4 features a variety of Weapons for players to not only collect, but also to customize and craft into modified firearms. This page lists all the Explosives …

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Oct 19, 2005 · Fallout 1 – Military Base forcefields and explosives bug Discussion in ’ Fallout RPG Gameplay & Tech ’ started by Dix , Oct 5, 2005 . …

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related perks: Demolition Expert, Pyromaniac, Little Leaguer

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1 Luck – No need for luck as explosives can’t get critical hits, and I don’t need the caps from the casinos I’ve already gotten Thump-Thump and the Grenade APW thanks to your advice. I just stole some stuff from the Boomers (hope they won’t mind!) in order to …

Top responsesRedditBasically explosives was never meant to be a main damage skill like Guns/Energy Weapons/Unarmed/Meele … read more8 votesThanks for your help everyone 🙂 I decided to go with Explosives, with a pistol for back up. Here’s my SPECIAL: 5 … read more1 voteSee all

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But, if he was using Unarmed/Explosives I would say drop the luck to 1. and Max out Str, per, End. My ”Demolition Raider” Uses the Flamer, and I have had nothing but good things to say about using pyromaniac and the Flamer..

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The Explosives skill isn’t practical as a primary offensive skill in Fallout 3, due to the numerous reasons. But Explosives can be a very deadly secondary skill, allowing the skilled Explosives user to due short bursts of extreme damage, or take down an entire room-full of enemies at a time.