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Vaccination is the process of administering weakened or dead pathogens to a healthy person or animal, with the intent of conferring immunity against a targeted form of a related disease agent. It

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Find adult vaccine information including reasons for vaccination, vaccination types (including MMR, shingles, meningococcal, HPV, chickenpox, flu, hepatitis, and more), and the latest information

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Immunization shots, vaccines or inoculations are essential in preventing many life-threatening diseases. Discover immunization schedules for any age.

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Vaccination is a clinical application of immunization designed to artificially help the body to defend itself. A vaccine against infection is a modified form of a natural immunogen, which may be either the whole pathogen, one of its components, or a toxin. A vaccine does not cause disease when administered but induces the healthy host (the …

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Baylor’s Doc Hotez Bullies Parents of Vaccine Injured Children The doctors operating the mandatory vaccination system with an iron fist, who refuse to acknowledge or address the suffering of people for whom the risks of vaccination turned out to be 100 percent, would do well to reflect upon the primary role they have played in the crisis of public …

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Published in: Scientific American · 2011Authors: Matthew F Daley · Jason M GlanzAffiliation: University of Colorado Denver · Kaiser Permanente

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– Vaccine basics – Why vaccination is important – Infectious diseases – Talking to your/your child’s health care professional

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Feb 27, 2015 · Jimmy feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical prof